Congratulations Flying Geeks!
NH State Tournament Robot Performance Champions

At the New Hampshire State Tournament on December 2, 2006, the Flying Geeks of Nashua Christian Academy achieved what had previously always seemed impossible -- they accomplished all of the missions of the FLL Nano-Quest challenge on a single autonomous robot outing! Congratulations, Flying Geeks! You have our admiration in regard to this most incredible accomplishment!

  • Flying Geeks' 400-point Round in NH Qualifying Round 3

    2 min. 25 sec. (7.15MB) Quicktime Movie Player

    (Note, you'll need Quicktime Version 7 or newer to view the video.)

    PS: After watching the above round, some might say, "Hey, that wasn't fully autonomous -- they changed an attachment on the robot." However, that operator intervention was only in order to go out and operate the other team's side of the space elevator -- if the other team does their part, the Flying Geeks do indeed score a full 400 points in a single autonomous outing, including having the robot change its own attachment!

  • Flying Geeks' 400-point Round in NH Semifinals

    2 min. 32 sec. (7.31MB) Quicktime Movie Player